Sofie Viuff

Sofie Viuff

My name is Sofie. I am 24 years old and was born and raised in Denmark. I grew up in a small town with my parents and two brothers where I had an amazing childhood. My family is very active, which led me to join all kinds of sports: Horseback riding, swimming, tennis, badminton, handball, you name it! Even today, I am still very active - I enjoy a run in the morning, yoga or hitting the gym to unwind. Working out makes me feel stronger and more energised!

I absolutely love travelling and learning new things, but also being active and adventurous. When I travel I always learn new things about culture, countries, people or about myself, which makes me grow and makes me feel alive. When I model I get to do what I love and for that I am very grateful. I get to meet so many different and interesting people in this business, which makes me even more motivated to perform and do my job to perfection!

Mein Name ist Sofie. Ich bin 24 Jahre alt und wurde in Dänemark geboren. Ich wuchs dort in einer Kleinstadt auf und es war eine tolle Zeit mit meinen Eltern und zwei Brüdern. Meine Familie ist sehr aktiv, was mir Zugang zu verschiedenen Sportarten ermöglichte: Reiten, Schwimmen, Tennis, Badminton, Handball – und mehr! Ich bin noch heute sehr aktiv, jogge gerne morgens, praktiziere Yoga oder gehe ins Fitness-Studio. Work outs machen mich stärker und geben mir Energie!

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Height 177cm Bust/Waist/Hips 82/62/88cm Size 34/36 Shoes 38 Eyes green Hair dark blonde
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